The Great Book Getaway - Summer Reading Challenge

Date: Monday 28 June - Sunday 15 August 2021

Getaway with a book without having to leave your back yard this summer with The Great Book Getaway.

It challenges you to read 6 books (either 6 hard copies from our libraries or 6 digital reads via our Libby app) in 7 weeks to bag yourself a goody bag.

The challenge is open to children and adults.

All you have to do is:

  • Register to take part our libraries by completing the online registration form below.
  • Borrow 6 hard copies from your local library or 6 reads from our Libby app (digital titles). Make sure when you select your reads that you choose either hard copies from our libraries only or 6 digital titles from our Libby app only. 
  • Enjoy your read (make sure you ‘getaway’ somewhere nice with your books!).
  • Once completed you will be contacted to receive your goody bag!

Remember to be a part of this challenge you must be a library member. If you or your child are not a member you can register for a membership today by clicking on the button below.

Library Membership


Please ensure you enter your child's library card number. Your child may need to register for a card number if they don't have one.