Housewives On Holiday

Date: Friday 22 July 2022
Webster Memorial Theatre
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From the writers & producers of Hormonal Housewives & Girls Just
Wanna Have Fun, it’s time to get away from it all and join the Housewives
on Holiday!

The brand-new comedy stars the Legendary Nolan Sister Maureen Nolan, with
Josephine Partridge and Sarah Dearlove.

What’s better than letting your hair down with the girls? Letting your hair
down with the girls on HOLIDAY!

Holidays, like women, come in all shapes & sizes. From wild partying to
wild swimming. From Club 18-30 to Club 80-130. Join the ladies as they
romp through a tapas selection of Holiday Heaven, Holiday Hell but most
of all Holiday Hilarity!

Bring your passports & bikinis because we’re off on our holibobs. From
the Costa del Sol to the Costa del Clacton there’s no sucking in your belly
on our beach. You’re among friends. Slap on the Fun Factor 50 & let it all
hang out!

Cabin Crew, prepare for takeoff because the Housewives are on Holiday.