Fay Peters Book Launch - "A Scottish Family Tale 1650-1950 – voyages in uncharted waters"

Date: POSTPONED until further notice
Montrose Museum

Fay Peters Book Launch on the 22nd March 2020 at the Montrose Museum.

A SCOTTISH FAMILY TALE 1650-1950 – voyages in uncharted waters

"The book has been written with collaboration and contributions from academics across the world including Emeritus Professor Chesley W Sanger, one of the most prominent and highly regarded experts on Arctic Whaling and Scottish Maritime History. It takes the above mentioned historical timeline and weaves real lives of real people, Montrose people, into real social, world and maritime events of local and global significance. The Montrose family are those with the surname of Young. They enjoyed enormous personal and financial success in the era of Arctic Whaling and went on to not only own a fleet of Merchant Ships but one became The Chairman of the American Bureau of Shipping, the American equivalent of Lloyds Shipping in the United Kingdom. They left an enormous legacy and maritime significance" - Fay Peters, Australia