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Take out or add an additional bACTIVE membership in September and get December and March free! That's right, TWO MONTHS FREE 

For further information ask one of the team at our sports centres, visit or give them a call.

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September 2019 Membership Promotion - Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer applies to memberships purchased between Sunday 01  September  and Monday 30 September  2019
  2. Offer applies to all memberships types
  3. The minimum term will be 6 months
  4. Memberships cannot be frozen during the 6 month period
  5. The free months will be December 2019 and March 2020
  6. For add ons to existing memberships only the difference between the existing membership charge and the new charge will be discounted in December and March
  7. Promotion will not be available to customers who cancel their membership in September
  8. All other membership terms and conditions apply except 1.3. For this promotion, in order to cancel your bACTIVE membership you must have held your membership for a minimum of six months.
  9. Normal booking terms and conditions apply