Tri-Golf is a mini version of golf that is specifically designed for children in primary and junior schools. Tri-Golf demonstrates how golf can be delivered through fun-based activity sessions involving large groups of youngsters.

Tri-Golf is a national programme that is being delivered locally through a partnership involving our Sports Development Team, Education Department, Active Schools, SportTayside & Fife and local Golf Club Professionals.

Our Tri-Golf festivals are all about participation and fun. The format of these festivals will take the form of several stations where groups will move around and try all the different aspects of the sport. There are stations where children will focus on teamwork and specific techniques. Around the stations there are coaches who will explain the activity and provide leadership and guidance. Throughout the whole festival there is an emphasis on fair play, enjoyment and safety.

To take part in the festival each school provides children from Primary 5. Children who are taking part in the festival do not need to have any golfing experience.

The festivals that took place in Brechin which saw around 120 children take part in a series of golf based drills and games. The festival was a continuation from the work that local golf professional Stephen Rennie and Active Schools Co-ordinator had been carrying out around the schools in the cluster. Helping the children around the stations were senior pupils from Brechin High School who are completing the Junior Sports Leader Award.

Following the success of the festival in Brechin there have been 2 additional events held in the Arbroath Academy Cluster. Across the 2 events another 100 children have been introduced to golf.