ANGUSalive Football Development Pathway

We are excited to launch our new modernised player pathway for young players playing the game in Angus.

ANGUSalive Football Development Pathway has been developed to support our young Angus footballers to improve individually as young players but crucially also as young people. Using the 4 pillars of development; Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical we have created age specific training and games that focus on all these areas. Our new development pathway can be seen below:







I PLAY  (3 – 4 Years)

We aim to give your child a fun and positive introduction to playing football. Our storybook syllabus is the perfect way to ignite children’s enthusiasm and imagination for football while also developing their agility, balance, and coordination. Parental support is advised in these classes.







I LEARN  (5 Years)

Building on our I Play sessions, we now aim to give young players a fun introduction into individual skill and technique development. A game-based approach to delivery will be adopted in conjunction with specific football based themes; dribbling, control, passing and shooting while continuing the development of all young players; agility, balance and coordination.








I CREATE  (6 – 8 Years)

I Create will reinforce the introduction to skill and technique development from our I Learn sessions, repetition will become a key component of each young players development. Our game-based approach to learning will continue with players being introduced to the fundamentals of the game, depth, length, support, and width.








I DEVELOP  (9 – 12 Years)

Our I Develop sessions have been carefully designed to add another layer of detail to our game-based approach by looking specifically at player positions and areas of the pitch. Players will begin to use the knowledge introduced around the football fundamentals to improve their ability and understanding of the game.  

Over this term we will launch a small number of classes to some of the localities in Angus. The number of classes and localities will increase after the October Holidays.

To book a place please call the relevant centre, phone numbers can be found here