National Athlete Support Angus (NASA)

NASA offers athletes:

  • Complimentary access to our sports centres.
  • Grant aid support.
  • Sports injury support (where available).

Refer to the NASA guidelines for eligibility conditions.

If you meet the criteria within the guidelines, please download the NASA application form and forward to the Development Officer as stated along with supporting documents as required.

NASA athletes can apply for grant aid support for recognised national training/competitions. Should non-members wish to apply they would first have to complete an application form to register. To obtain funding, athletes must fully complete the NASA grant aid application form.

NASA Guidelines PDF   NASA application form PDF   NASA Grant Aid application form PDF

People of any age can apply, but some of the facilities may not be used by persons under 14 years of age. This restriction only applies to the use of the fitness suite and free weights.

For further information contact: