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As part of ANGUSalive's commitment to developing sport and physical activity throughout Angus, we have adopted the sportscotland Community Sport Hubs initiative.

The initiative is aimed at supporting local sports clubs to help increase the number of people participating in sport in our local communities. Community Sport Hubs can be based in local places such as club pavilions; sport centres, community centres, the natural environment and/or schools and hope to bring local people together to provide a home for local clubs and sport organisations. They will also provide information, support and advice on a wide range of sports and physical activities to make it easier for local people to get involved and engaged in more active and healthier lifestyles.

Each community sport hub is unique, and develops its own vision and values in a clear and simple plan. The common thread that binds all hubs together is that they work to be sustainable, and they follow sportscotlands five guiding principles:


The aims of Community Sport Hubs in Angus are:

  • To support a range of sporting opportunities to the community Lottery logo
  • Promote community engagement and leadership
  • Develop training and education opportunities
  • An integrated approach led by local partners/clubs
  • Self-sustainable sports clubs/organisations.
  • Improved facility access for local people and sports clubs

Benefits of being part of Community Sport Hubs

Our community sport hubs team can support clubs and hub members to:

  • Increase the numbers of participants and volunteers and develop people to be the best they can be
  • Develop the places sport, physical activities and active recreation takes place in communities and contribute to community planning
  • Raise the profile of local sports and sporting opportunities
  • Become robust, well organised organisations that have effective plans, policies and procedures in place
  • Be sustainable and well resourced

For more information about our community sport hubs please contact our Community Sports Hub Coordinator:

Scott Nicoll                                                                                                                     

01307 492340                                                                           

Angus has six community sport hubs at varying stages of development. Each hub has its own unique vision and action plan focusing on areas of development suited to each community. 

To check out our latest Newsletter click here Hubs Newsletter

Arbroath CSH Facebook





Hub Background

Arbroath Community Sport Hub was established in 2013 and consists of sporting and community groups in the town. The hub aims to be a constant provider of ‘Sport for All’ for individuals looking to participate, spectate, coach, officiate and/or volunteer in sport. Through this the hub aims to achieve the status of being a positive provider for sport throughout Arbroath at all age levels from beginner to advanced levels of performance.

Member Clubs

St Thomas Swimming Club –

Arbroath Community Sports Club –

Abbey Bowling Club –

Arbroath Ski Club –

Angus Ski Club –

Arbroath Rugby Rhinos –

Arbroath Lawn Tennis Club –

Lochlands Bowling Club –

Arbroath and District Athletics Club –

Arbroath Golf links –

Arbroath Netball –

Arbroath Harp AFC –

Previous Hub Projects

Since launching in 2013 Arbroath Community Sport Hub have delivered a number of sport projects within the local community. Projects have included; Open Days at the Community Centre, Fun Days at Hercules Den & Club Open Evenings during their training sessions. The sessions have enabled clubs to provide the local community with sport for all opportunities as well as increase their own club membership numbers.

Brechin CSH Facebook






Hub Background

Brechin Community Sport Hub has been formed to encourage participation and volunteering, and to sustain and develop sport for our local community within the Brechin area. Together the clubs come together to run a variety of events throughout Brechin including Go Swim, Friday Night Project and In-service Day Activities. The hub provides strong links to the community and is essential to the development of sport within the local area.

Member Clubs

Brechin Beavers Swimming Club -

Parkview Bowling Club -

Brechin City Youths Football Club -

Brechin Rugby Club -

Brechin Angling Club -

Brechin Buccaneers Cricket Club -

Previous Hub Projects

Brechin Community Sport Hub have delivered a number of in-service activity days over the past 3 years to provide children an opportunity to participate in sport. The hub have also supported the Brechin Friday Night Project and now have a focus on the Go Swim programme which ha been delivered in partnership with Brechin Beavers Swimming Club. The hub have been successful in a number of funding bids including Go Live Get Active.

Forfar CSH Facebook

Hub Background

Forfar Community Sport Hub has been formed to encourage participation and volunteering to sustain and develop sport for local community within the Forfar area. Together the clubs come together to run a variety of events throughout Forfar including walking s and holiday provision. At the start of 2020 FCSH successfully ran a ten-week walking sports programme at Forfar Community Campus where participants tried a variety of sports. The Hub have also recently secured funding to run holiday camps in the Forfar area.

Member Clubs

Strathmore Cricket Club -

Strathmore Community Rugby Trust -

Forfar Badminton Club -

Forfar Golf Club -

Forfar Pheonix Gymnastics Club -

Tayside Dynamos Powerchair Football Club -

Forfar West End JFC -

Forfar Albion -

Previous Hub Projects:

From launching in 2015 Forfar Community Sport Hub have been actively delivering community sport projects for children and adults within the Forfar area. In October 2019 the Hub celebrated Active Girls Day in partnership with ANGUSalive, sportscotland & Active Schools at Forfar community campus. In January 2020 the hub launched their walking sports initiative at the campus in partnership with local clubs which has been a big success with the local community. The hub have also been successful in securing Choices for Angus funding to deliver holiday activity programmes in the near future.

Kirriemuir CSH Facebook

Kirriemuir Community Sport Hub was first established in 2015 after discussions between local clubs/groups, sports facilities, Active Schools and Community Sport Hub development officer. The Hub is currently looking for new clubs and community organisations to become involved as they look to develop sporting provision within the local community.

Montrose CSH Facebook

Club Activities

Hub Background

Montrose Community Sport Hub brings together a number of sports clubs and voluntary organisations working together to promote our sports, physical activity, youth projects, diversionary activities, health and wellbeing for everyone in Montrose. The hub looks to offer specialist expertise and advice in the sports that they offer to develop sporting talent, as well as opportunities for all to take part in sport at all levels and age groups. The hubs vision is to aim to be a constant provider of sport for all individuals looking to participate, coach and/or volunteer.

Member Clubs

Borrowfield Friday Night Project

Montrose Community Trust -

Montrose and District Athletics Club -

Montrose and District Rugby Club -

Montrose and District Seals -

Montrose Bowling Club -

Montrose Golf Links -

Montrose Lawn Tennis Club -

Montrose Sailing Club -

Montrose Triathlon Club -

Previous Hub Projects

Montrose community sport hub have successfully delivered a number of projects at various locations throughout the community. The hub have given local children an opportunity to participate in Sailing at Montrose Sports Centre thanks to the support of Montrose Sailing Club. The hub have also delivered athletics events in partnership with Montrose Athletics Club, Mackie Motors and Olympic athlete Eilish McColgan.

Monifieth CSH Facebook

Hub Background

Monifieth Community Sport Hub provide positive opportunities for individuals looking to participate, spectate, coach, officiate and/or volunteer in sport. The Hub am to be a provider of ‘Sport for All’ within the local community working in partnership with local clubs and organisations.

Member Clubs

Grange and Broughty Golf Club -

Monifieth Athletic Football Club -

Monifieth Grange Bowling Club

Previous Hub Projects

Monifieth Community Sport Hub have successfully delivered a number of family fun activity days in partnership with local clubs within the Monifieth area. The aim for the family fun days has been to provide sport for all within the local community.