BE well

BE well is an exercise programme aimed at those with a health condition; at the older adult; and/or those who haven’t exercised before and don’t know where to start.

Specialist exercise instructors will support participants to get active at a level that’s right for the individual. 

How can I access this programme?

A referral form should be completed by either you, or your health practitioner. You can download the referral form. Forms are also available at your local ANGUSalive facility. Completed forms should be sent/taken* to the ANGUSalive Sports Centre where you would like to attend. Forms may also be submitted by email as follows:

Arbroath/Saltire Sports Centres:

Brechin Community Campus:

Carnoustie Sports Centre:

Forfar Community Campus:

Montrose Sports Centre: Contact to be confirmed


Booking your activities 

Once you have had a consultation with one of our specialist instructors, you can book into a class which suits you. All activities must be booked in advance. You can do this in person or by phoning the sport centre direct. Payment is also required at the time of booking if the activities are not included in your membership. 

Please read our new participant charter for further guidance.

What activities can I do?

We offer a range of instructor led activities. These include seated exercise, aqua, swim, gym, and circuits classes. Details of venues and times can be found below.

Participants must complete and submit a referral form prior to accessing these classes

live well Gym | Tuesday 1pm (starts October)

live well Gym | Friday 2pm

live well Circuits | Thursday 6pm

live well Circuits | Monday 9am, Wednesday 9am & Thursday 2.30pm

live well Gym | Friday 10.45am

live well Swim | Monday 12.30pm

live well Seated | Tuesday 12pm & Thursday 1pm

live well Strength & Balance | Tuesday 12.15pm 

live well Circuits | Tuesday 1.30pm & Friday 9.30am

live well Seated | Friday 10.45am

live well Circuits | Monday 11am & Friday 11am

live well Seated | Tuesday   13.45

live well Gym | Wednesday 11.30

live well Seated | Friday 13:30

live well Gym | Monday 11.30am & Wednesday 2.00pm

live well Seated Yoga |  Monday 4.00pm

live well Circuits | Tuesday 1.15pm, Wednesday 12pm, Thursday 12.30pm & Friday 1.15pm

live well Aqua | Thursday 2.00pm

live well Circuits | Monday 9am

live well Circuits | Friday 1pm

live well Seated | Tuesday 10.45am, Thursday 9am

What are the benefits of being more active?

Regular physical activity is an important part of living well. People who lead an active lifestyle are more likely to live longer and less likely to develop serious illnesses and health conditions. Research also suggests that regular physical activity can improve your general mood, self-confidence and sleep quality as well as give you more energy and reduce stress levels.

What Our Members Say

David Dean

“When I first started the Live Well classes, I wasn’t sure it would be any help to me at all as I use crutches to walk even a few steps. But with perseverance, and the help of the instructor, who helps you create a course tailored to your medical needs, things have improved. Not only my body, but my mind as well.

I would recommend it to anyone. The people doing the classes are all friendly and happy to see new faces. There is no bias as we all have our own problems and offer support, advice and a chance to have a few laughs!”


Lorna Wink

“I am a type 2 diabetic on insulin and didn’t do any kind of sport before I started the BE ACTIVE…live well classes.

“After starting the classes my diabetic consultant was so impressed with me he reduced the levels of insulin I take. Then Covid 19 started and with no classes and isolation I had a real problem controlling my blood sugars and the levels of insulin I had to take doubled.

“Now that we are back, I go to 4-5 Aqua classes, 1 Circuit and 2 Gym classes a week and there has been a major improvement in my overall fitness and control of my blood sugar. The instructor is also aware of each individual’s health requirements and is able to give them great satisfaction in what they have achieved. This is what makes the classes so enjoyable."

John Hitchon

“I began to go to ANGUSalive’s Live Well classes in July 2005. I put my survival from a heart attack down to a combination of these exercises and the medication my doctor prescribes.

“The classes also have an important role in providing social contact with other people with similar medical histories and problems. It is very useful to share one’s “twinges” and experience with another person outwith your family.

“So don’t hesitate, come, and join us for an hour and find out how helpful the Live Well programme can be. You will meet people from all walks of life with very varied backgrounds and experiences which you will find very interesting.”