bACTIVE Terms & Conditions

  1. General
    1. Once the bACTIVE membership agreement has been entered into you will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of the scheme and as such will be bound by these until the agreement is terminated in accordance with these conditions.
    2. A start-up fee is required to activate a new membership.
    3. If you joined during a promotion month, in order to cancel your bACTIVE membership you must have held your membership for a minimum of three months.
    4. Your bACTIVE membership will be valid as long as you continue to pay the monthly or annual fee.
    5. All bACTIVE memberships are legally binding contracts between the user and ANGUSalive and represent a commitment to pay all monthly or annual payments until the contract is terminated.
    6. bACTIVE membership fees are non-refundable.
    7. Up/downgrade or changes to any of the membership Direct Debit options are available.
    8. There is the option to freeze your membership for a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months.
    9. Notification of any change of personal details or circumstance must be e-mailed to immediately.
    10. To qualify for joint bACTIVE membership - two people must be staying at the same address.
    11. There are flexible family membership options available with up to a maximum of two adults and for any number of children aged 17 or under or still in secondary education staying at the same address. All members of a bACTIVE family membership must stay at the same address.
    12. To qualify for a junior bACTIVE membership the child must be 17 or under.
    13. ANGUSalive reserve the right to review monthly Direct Debit fees. If the amounts change ANGUSalive will notify you 10 working days in advance of your account being debited.
    14. Periodic reviews of membership entitlement will be carried out in case of any change in circumstances.
    15. The annual membership (12 months for price of 11) payment is required up front, it is non-fundable and cannot be frozen, downgraded or changed. Refund will only be issued under medical circumstances at the chief executive's discretion. Pregnancy is not included as a medical condition.
    16. bACTIVE memberships are not transferable and any use other than by the named person will result in cancellation with no refund available.
    17. ANGUSalive reserves the right to refuse access to the bACTIVE membership scheme.
    18. Facilities may at times have to close or make changes to the timetable. However, across the county there will be other facilities available. There will be no alterations to the membership fees on these occasions. We assure our customers that we make every effort to maintain our facilities to the highest standards at all times.
    19. You must comply with the Group Fitness Class Booking Terms & Conditions.
    20. All users are bound by the Management Rules. ANGUSalive reserves the right to refuse admission or ask you to leave any ANGUSalive sport facility if we reasonably believe that you are in breach of any section of the Rules.
    21. For the purpose of these schemes the term 'individual' means any person.
    22. A signed application form is your formal acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  2. Cancellation of Direct Debit
    1. If ANGUSalive wish to cancel the bACTIVE membership - a minimum of one month's notice will be issued in writing by ANGUSalive.
    2. If you wish to cancel your bACTIVE Membership you must give a minimum of one full calendar month's notice by email to
    3. Your notice shall commence from the 1st of the month following the receipt of your cancellation notice. Cancellations received after this date will require one further payment with usage extended to the end of the next month. Any fees that are due up to the date of cancellation must be paid.
    4. In order to cancel your bACTIVE membership, you must have held your membership for a minimum of one month.
    5. If you have joined during a promotion month, in order to cancel your bACTIVE membership, you must have held your membership for a minimum of three months.
    6. To re-instate your Direct Debit method of payment all arrears plus a start-up fee will be charged.
  3. Cards
    1. Cards remain the property of ANGUSalive.
    2. Cards must be presented to obtain any agreed benefit that may be offered from time to time as part of a promotion authorised by ANGUSalive.
    3. Cards may be used to book facilities up to seven days in advance.
    4. Cards must be used to gain entry every time a visit is made.
    5. Cards can only be used for ANGUSalive sport and leisure facilities during the stated opening hours. It does not guarantee the holder access to the facilities/activities or booking of any of the facilities/activities.
    6. Cards can only be used for ANGUSalive run classes. They are not eligible for private or pre-paid classes, or club bookings.
    7. ANGUSalive reserves the right to refuse or suspend the use of any card.
    8. Lost or stolen cards should be reported as soon as possible to the reception desk at any ANGUSalive sport facility. An administration fee will be charged for cards which need replaced.