Pricing Policy

The charges are updated each year (normally for April) and indicate the level of charges for the current year.

  1. Hire of ANGUSalive Premises and Facilities
    1. Hourly charges, where appropriate, are based on a minimum charge of two hours, with the exception of library and museum bookings within normal opening hours.
    2. For bookings out-with normal facility opening hours or between 12 midnight and 9am for Theatre and Venues, an additional hourly staff charge may be applied.
    3. Bar charges will apply when non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks are being sold.
    4. A fee is payable to the Performing Rights Society when live or recorded music is performed within any ANGUSalive venues. This fee is based on the type of performance/activity, the material played, and where appropriate, box office receipts. All required returns must be submitted within 14 days of the performance to the relevant office. Payment will be requested by invoice.
    5. A fee may be charged for filming within ANGUSalive managed facilities.
    6. Community rate charges will apply to the categories listed below:
    7. Local voluntary organisation meetings and events
    8. Rehearsals and performances by local music and dramatic groups
    9. Local flower, craft, bird or dog shows or similar
    10. Weddings, birthday parties or similar family events
    11. Sports bookings by clubs, organisations or individuals using any town hall will be charged at the area charge. Activity examples being football, badminton, boxing, bowls, martial arts, highland dancing, aerobics and keep fit.
    12. Commercial rate charges will apply to all bookings run for business, commercial or political purposes, unless otherwise authorised by the Chief Executive, ANGUSalive.
    13. For town hall bookings, customers will be given a 50% discount off hourly, daily and weekly Lesser Town Hall charges if they have also booked the Main Hall.
    14. Deposits and full payment will be required, where applicable, to secure bookings.
    15. Birthday parties must be paid in full at time of confirmation of booking.
  2. ANGUSalive Activities, Events and Ticketing
    1. Booking fees may apply.
    2. Cancellation and refund policy will be confirmed at the time of booking.
  3. Sport & Leisure - bACTIVE Membership
    1. bACTIVE is the Sport & Leisure monthly direct debit or annual membership scheme with adult, concessionary, joint, family and corporate membership categories available.
    2. At the time of joining the bACTIVE direct debit scheme customers will pay a pro-rata amount based on the monthly charges applicable to the membership category and the day of the month joined.
    3. The annual (12 months) membership charges will be based on 11 times the equivalent monthly charge and paid in full at time of start-up.
    4. ANGUSalive, Angus Council and Dundee & Angus College employees will be offered a 25% discount on annual or monthly adult, joint and family memberships of the ANGUSalive bACTIVE scheme. This discount does not apply to concessionary membership charges.
    5. Customers referred by their health professional to attend GP referral sessions will be entitled to the GP referral rate for a maximum three month period.
    6. Customers who are registered as Young Carers will be entitled to the relevant bACTIVE membership category for an individual free of charge. Proof of entitlement is required.
    7. bACTIVE members are entitled to the ‘Extra Value’ benefits as listed on the ANGUSalive website
  4. Sport & Leisure including Countryside Adventure
    1. Access to the health suite includes a free swim at facilities where there is a swimming pool when it is available for public use.
    2. Group rates may be available for up to two adults and three children under 18 years of age.
    3. Young people under 18 years of age qualify for concession charges. Proof may be required.
    4. The Angus concessionary entitlement scheme is available to people aged 60 years and over, Registered Unemployed, Full Time Students, and residents in receipt of Working Tax Credit, Disabilities Tax Credit or Income Support. Subject to proof of entitlement and a 12 month fee.
    5. Customers who are registered as Angus Carers will be entitled to concessionary rates. Proof of entitlement is required.
    6. Customers who require assistance when using facilities may apply for the Angus Buddy Scheme. This scheme will allow service users support when attending or taking part in physical activity sessions by allowing the customer have a buddy attend a session with them free of charge.
    7. Angus athletes who are in national squads at Scottish, United Kingdom or Great British levels can enrol on the NASA (National Athlete Support – Angus) Scheme. This entitles them to free use of sport & leisure facilities relevant to their training programme as agreed with an ANGUSalive sports development officer.
  5. Sport & Leisure - Clubs
    1. Clubs must be registered for the Angus ACE (Angus Club Excellence) awards to be entitled to make block bookings at club charges.
    2. Clubs will be charged the mixed rate when 50% or more of the participants attending the session are under 18 years of age.
    3. Any teams using grass pitches and changing rooms to play competitive match during the relevant sporting season must pay the seasonal charge in advance.