Time is running out VACMA Angus bursaries: Call for applications from artists and makers in Angus

14 Jan 2021 | News Story

Time is running out for Angus visual artists and craft makers to apply for the Angus Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards (VACMA: Angus), which closes on Tuesday 2 February 2021 at 5pm. Successful applicants will receive £500 or £750 to develop their creative practice.

Established by Creative Scotland, the Visual Artist and Craft Makers Awards (VACMA) are a programme of small grants delivered with a range of local authorities, charitable trusts and art agencies across Scotland to support visual artists and craft makers in their creative and professional development. In Angus, the awards are hosted by ANGUSalive and delivered in partnership with Angus Council and Creative Scotland.

VACMA: Angus is for Visual Artists and Craft Makers who can demonstrate a commitment to developing their creative practice and are living or working or maintaining a studio space within Angus. This fund is open to creative practitioners at all stages of progression: both art college graduates and those without art qualifications.

The awards provide a valuable opportunity for practitioners to undertake specific projects, and to develop and advance their creative practice in ways they may not otherwise have been able to do. This year, in recognition of the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on individual travel and classes, the programme will offer fixed fee bursaries of £500 or £750.

Across Scotland VACMA can be a crucial transition point – for both emerging and established artists and makers. Applications from practitioners based in Angus are invited until Tuesday 2 February 2021 at 5pm. Full details can be found on the ANGUSalive website at www.angusalive.scot/museums-galleries/visual-arts/visual-artist-and-craft-maker-awards-angus/

Stephen Palmer, Visual Arts Officer at Creative Scotland who co-ordinates VACMA said: “Through working in partnerships across Scotland the VACMA bursaries are helping artists and makers focus on their development. Angus is new to the scheme so it is good to see the demand and the ambitions of local artists and makers. Though travel and courses are not possible at the moment due to COVID-19, it is good to see artists getting support to experiment and develop their practices in new ways.”

Gill Ross, ANGUSalive’s Visual Arts Lead said: ‘If anyone is thinking about applying for VACMA: Angus, please do. With the impacts of COVID-19, funding is especially crucial for our creative practitioners across Angus. In partnership with Creative Scotland and Angus Council, we are delighted to support creative practitioners and help them to move forward both technically and conceptually. We look forward to receiving your VACMA: Angus proposals.”

The VACMA: Angus programme ran for the first time in February 2020 and again in November 2020, funding a total of 8 projects across a range of disciplines including Fine Art, Digital Art, Jewellery, Ceramics and Textiles. 

The award winners in November 2020 are Christina Vernon, Rose Brodie and Jeni Reid.

Christina Vernon is a jewellery designer and enameller from Arbroath. Coastal and harbour areas in Angus provide Christina with an endless amount of inspiration in the shapes, textures and colours which she echoes in her work.

Christina said: “The VACMA fund is going to help me to purchase the tools I need to melt and form my own sheet and wire, something that I’ve not had easy access to since leaving art college. I am very grateful for this bursary as it will help me to develop and improve my skills as a jeweller.”

Rose Brodie is from Burnside of Duntrune and her main source of inspiration comes from the rural Angus environment. Many of her pieces have a strong feeling of story, often involving the lives and journeys of animals etched into her illustrative pieces. VACMA will enable Rose to extend and diversify her practice to incorporate elements colour in her exploration of enamelling techniques.

Rose said: “I’m delighted to be receiving this Visual Art and Craft Maker Award. This Award will give me the opportunity to learn about enamelling techniques, and I’m excited to be able to explore new ways to bring colour into my jewellery.”

Jeni Reid is a photographer and visual artist with a background in social work specialising in mental health. Around the year 2000, Jeni was diagnosed with ME/CFS and switched focus to draw on her existing skills as a photographer and craft maker. Jeni has been working with cyanotype techniques and her VACMA grant will enable her to develop this further by working with fabric and patchwork, allowing her to inhabit the space where art and craft meet.

Jeni said: " I'm really pleased to be allocated funding from VACMA, it will allow me to buy important equipment and provide me with some vital time and space with which to develop my project."

For more information including application forms and guidelines visit the ANGUSalive website. www.angusalive.scot

For advice, applicants can contact ANGUSalive, at visualarts@angusalive.scot

More information about the VACMA Angus Awards can be found at https://www.angusalive.scot/museums-galleries/visual-arts/visual-artist-and-craft-maker-awards-angus/