The Rura boys are making all the noise

10 Jun 2019 |

The award-winning Scottish folk band Rura have been growing their style and audience for many years and are now looking forward to celebrating their 10th year anniversary with shows in every corner of the world. In their time together, Jack Smedley, Steven Blake, David Foley and Adam Brown’s entrancing, euphoric live shows have been a main stage highlight of many of the world’s leading folk festivals.

Rura are setting off on a plethora of festival dates this summer, bringing the melodic delights of Scottish folk music to Cambridge Folk Festival, WOMAD UK, Førde Festival in Norway, Colour Meeting in Prague and Skye Live. The globe-trotting band are also travelling to Prince Edward Island in Canada to perform, on top of starting the year off as the only Scottish artists at the Woodford Folk Festival in Australia ahead of their sold out Celtic Connections show.


With three heralded albums – most recently, 2018’s lauded In Praise of Home, inspired by themes of belonging, heritage, and a sense of place – and extensive international touring, RURA are one of Scotland’s most powerful groups. Their compellingly fiery, rugged yet refined and progressive instrumentals on fiddle, Highland pipes, flute, guitar, keyboards and bodhran has placed them firmly at the forefront of 21st century Scottish folk. Their constantly evolving style embraces the old and the new, with gorgeous fiddle sections accompanied by the dynamic rhythms of the guitar and Highland pipes with a touch of atmospheric chords on keyboards all together create a soulful, progressive folk flavour like no other. Rura most definitely are one of the most exciting Scottish bands in recent history.

The band are incredibly proud of their heritage and are on a mission to spread the spirit of Scottish music on the worldwide stage, having performed at a wide variety of festivals in all four corners of the globe. Sandwiched in between their hectic touring schedule are also dates closer to home, one of which is taking place at Webster Memorial Theatre in Arbroath on the 4th of September 2019. Tickets are now available from and the boys are looking forward to performing in front of a crowd like no other in the Birthplace of Scotland. Make sure you don’t miss out on an evening to remember.