Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week 2019: Linda Brown

28 Sep 2019 |

Linda Brown is the Macmillan Development Officer for Move More ANGUSalive.

ANGUSalive is working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support to develop Move More across Angus. Move More Scotland is part of Macmillan Cancer Support’s national campaign to support people living with and beyond cancer to find an activity that is right for them, with individually tailored health behaviour change support for people to continue to be active. The programme aims to ensure that people living with cancer are supported to become physically active, both before, during and after treatment. In addition to ANGUSalive’s established programme of activities, Linda is developing a programme of cancer specific opportunities including Gentle Movement, walking, gardening, and circuit-based classes. Linda’s role includes recruiting and supporting both volunteers and ANGUSalive exercise instructors to deliver the programme and there are now 3 Gentle Movement classes, 2 circuit classes, and 2 Macmillan friendly walks on offer. These are all free to Move More participants, and more sessions will be added as the programme develops.

Linda has worked as a specialist exercise instructor for over 10 years, and was delighted when she was appointed to the Development Officer role in November 2018. She is passionate about helping people affected by cancer to gain the benefits from being physically active.

‘Leading a physically active lifestyle during and after cancer is linked to improvements in many of the adverse effects of cancer and its treatments. An active lifestyle can help overcome fatigue, anxiety and depression, while protecting the heart, lungs and bones.

In some cases, being physically active has been shown to slow disease progression, improve survival and reduce the chance of recurrence. So it’s great to be able to support Angus residents in this way’.

To find out further information about Move More ANGUSalive, contact 01307 492059, or see the website: