Meet Make Collaborate exhibition on display in Carnoustie

15 Nov 2021 | News Story

A new exhibition will open at Lochty Gallery in Carnoustie Library on 24 November 2021. Meet Make Collaborate is a touring exhibition of new works created by makers participating in the Applied Arts Scotland international exchanges project.

Meet Make Collaborate is part of an international project by Applied Arts Scotland SCIO in partnership with the British Council Crafting Futures programme including the British Council Mexico, British Council Thailand and the British Council Scotland. It is funded by Creative Scotland, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Edinburgh College of Art, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, High Life Highland and Museums Galleries Scotland.

Responding to the international project’s themes of identity, sustainability and collaboration, makers from Mexico, Thailand, Canada and Scotland have inspired each other with innovative ways of developing ideas by experimenting and sharing the skills of their craft. Their drive to learn from the making of other cultures has inspired the group to discover similarities and connections by collaborating to produce pieces that are truly universal, as well as being sustainable.

An example of such a collaboration to be on display is ‘Identity Shift’ by Cally Booker, Scotland. With her collaboration partner, Andrea Tsang Jackson, Canada, they were motivated by questions of identity, community and belonging. ‘How do we integrate new experiences into what we knew or were before?’ The results of these questions inspired a fabric that combines locally produced and processed wool, a traditional Scottish material, with waste material from Nova Scotia in the form of offcuts of an innovative textile made from recycled plastic bottles.

Cally Booker said, “I am appalled by the damage we do to the environment and to each other. The textile industry is one of the worst offenders, but because so much is done overseas we don’t necessarily see the environmental costs of our clothes here in Scotland. I aspire to make the opposite of ‘fast fashion’: items that are created slowly and meant to be cherished.”

Along with work by Cally and Andrea, sustainable pieces in various mediums by Louise Barrington, Kiersten Holden-Ada, Mengnan Qu, Susan O’Byrne, Jennifer Green, Sarah Paramor, Fiona Hall, Soledad Ruiz Mendoza, Dalila Cruz, Carol Sinclair, Rebecca Hannon, Kawisara Anansaringkarn, Stefanie Cheong, Lynne Hocking-Mennie, Prach Niyomka, Ana Ruiz, Kate Davies and Carol Sinclair can be viewed.

Culture Lead with ANGUSalive, Adeline Kinsella said ”We’re delighted to bring this international exhibition to Angus. The power of collaboration provides new perspectives that can transform ways of working which can be seen in the exhibition.

“The exhibition will also be supported by a number of activities for all ages, which will soon be advertised on our What’s On page and social media channels.”

The Make Meet Collaborate exhibition runs from Wednesday 24 November 2021 until Saturday 19 March 2022. More information on the exhibition can be found at

‘Identity Shift’ by Cally Booker and Andrea Tsang Jackson

‘Identity Shift’ by Cally Booker and Andrea Tsang Jackson

‘Come Rain or Come Shine’ by Lynne Hocking-Mennie & ‘Parasol’ by Prach Niyomka

‘Come Rain or Come Shine’ by Lynne Hocking-Mennie & ‘Parasol’ by Prach Niyomka