Get it Loud in Carnoustie Library: The Ninth Wave

10 May 2019 |

As part of the programme “Get it Loud in Libraries”, the breakthrough Glasgow Band ‘The Ninth Wave’ performed an excellent set from their debut album to a captivated audience in Carnoustie Library last Saturday, on the 4th May.  The raw energy of an intimate gig brought an entirely new atmosphere to the library in an unprecedented fashion, as The Ninth Wave got up close and personal with the buzzing Carnoustie crowd.

The band have been playing all over the UK and included Carnoustie Library in their whirlwind tour gigging in Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle before setting off for Hamburg to perform on the 8th May.  Bookshelves, books and furniture were moved to clear the floor and the crew transformed the space with lighting rigs, amplifiers, keyboards and microphones and with our beautiful enchanted forest mural as their backdrop, the stage looked set for a fantastic evening of music.


Gravelle warmed up the crowd with their experimental, electro-punk style and when The Ninth Wave took to the stage fans were ready to boogie amongst the books!  Songs from their debut album ‘Infancy’ enveloped the library with their atmospheric prowess, showcasing what seems like the natural evolution of electro-pop. From the fantastic instrumentals, to the impeccable way Haydn and Millie’s vocals play off each other, you can already tell these young budding musicians are well and truly on their path to success. This wouldn’t be the first time Get it Loud in Libraries has had future superstars rocking out in libraries, with past performers including Adele, Florence + The Machine, The Vaccines and Young Fathers. Stewart Parsons from GiLiL said ‘This felt like a very special show: great all ages audience, engaged and enthusiastic staff, brilliantly bright volunteers - just great’

The event was a huge success with fans enjoying the intimate space and excellent acoustics in the library. Seven young volunteers helped on the night getting hands on with the sound system, selling merchandise, photographing the band and taking in tickets.

Feedback from the audience says they want more!  ANGUSalive heard them loud and clear, and the library floors are calling. If you’re a musician, local or otherwise who is inspired to get it loud in libraries, keep your eyes and ears peeled, you might be next!

Gone are the days of silence in libraries at all times and the pesky echoing ‘shhhh!’. It’s time to get it loud!