Forfar beauty spot hit by vandals

20 May 2021 | News Story

Vandals have been causing damage at a key Forfar beauty spot which has resulted in thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Forfar Loch Country Park has been the focus of increasing anti-social behaviour and vandalism by youths in recent weeks.

Specific activity includes jumping on and damaging equipment, destruction of a picnic bench, litter bins having their outer casting removed, the uprooting of picnic tables and benches and the destruction of plants, raised bedding areas, bin sheds and walls.

Broken glass has also been left scattered to litter the road, playpark and amenity areas which is also a key safety risk for the public, especially young children.

The destructive behaviour and damage have been reported to Police Scotland who are looking to find those responsible.

Colin Knight, Senior Manager at ANGUSalive said: “This destructive behaviour is not only impacting negatively on the wonderful natural surroundings and amenities of the country park; it’s also incredibly costly to get repaired. We’re seeing benches and tables that are fixed to the ground being uprooted and dragged across the park.

“We understand the pandemic and lockdown has had a detrimental impact on people’s lives, limiting their ability to do the things we all know and love, but there is no excuse for this type of behaviour. It’s spoiling the ability for everyone to enjoy visiting Forfar Loch.

“Obviously we call on the vandals themselves to put a stop to it but we’d also like to ask any members of the public who have witnessed these acts in the past or see this type of destructive and anti-social behaviour going forward to report it immediately to the Police.

“We know how important our outdoors spaces are to everyone’s mental health and wellbeing and we want to try and ensure everyone can enjoy and benefit from them, despite the destructive behaviour being carried out by the few.”

Angus Council leader, Cllr David Fairweather said: “We’re coming out of one of the most restrictive periods that any of us has endured in our lifetimes. Local parks and open spaces have never been more valued or valuable in helping our recovery, health and welfare. Why would anyone choose to vandalise public or private property at any time, let alone now?

“It’s selfish, stupid, criminal behaviour that none of us should put up with. Vandalism harms other people’s enjoyment and relaxation of our public spaces and it causes considerable cost to already hard-stretched finances.

“Please don’t tolerate vandalism. We don’t have to accept it as just another part of everyday life. It hurts our communities – call it out, report it.”

Sergeant Gillian Fraser of Forfar Police Station added: “It is disappointing to hear of the mindless acts of vandalism in Forfar Loch County Park in recent weeks. The inconvenience and financial cost of this is unacceptable, not to mention the destruction to a natural beauty spot accessed by many in our community.

“There are a minority in our communities who feel this sort of behaviour is acceptable, but I want to be clear that, it is not. We will continue to follow all lines of enquiry to make sure those responsible are found. I would urge anyone with information or who may have seen anything to contact police.” 

Reports of anti-social behaviour and vandalism can be made by calling Police Scotland on 101.