Brechin Cathedral to glow blue in support of NHS and frontline key workers

14 May 2020 | News Story

Brechin Cathedral will become a blue beacon above the town to show solidarity with the NHS and frontline key workers during the coronavirus pandemic.  The building will be lit blue from Thursday 14th May to show support and appreciation for everyone working on the frontline. The Cathedral also has a special milestone this year as it celebrates its 800th Anniversary.

The light up, organised by ANGUSalive, is part of a series of venues in Angus being lit up blue to show gratitude for those working tirelessly on the frontline.  Over the last few weeks a number of ANGUSalive buildings including the Reid Hall in Forfar, Montrose Sports Centre, The Signal Tower Museum and more recently Angus Council’s building the Balmashanner monument in Forfar have turned blue as a salute to the NHS and the courageous efforts of everyone involved in the nation's healthcare system.

Audrey Hood, ANGUSalive Theatre Manager said, “We’re delighted that the next building we’ll be lighting up is Brechin Cathedral. It will be lit up blue this Thursday 14th May at 8pm for Clap for Carers and will act as a dual celebration as this year marks 800 years since the first foundation stone was laid at the cathedral.  The cathedral will remain lit blue every evening in support of our wonderful NHS staff, carers and keyworkers and to mark its 800th Anniversary.”

Brechin Cathedral dates from the 13th century. The building suffered maltreatment in 1806 at the hands of restorers, whose work was subsequently removed during the restoration completed in 1902. Immediately adjoining the cathedral to the southwest stands the Round Tower, built about 1000 A.D.

The Brechin 2020 Project Committee was formed to celebrate the 800th birthday of Brechin Cathedral and the impact it has had on the community of Brechin. It has been a place of refuge as well as a place of worship. It has been the venue for weddings, concerts and many other events during that time. It is an architectural gem not only in Angus, but also a national treasure.

Douglas Taylor, Cathedral Session Clerk & Treasurer of the Brechin 2020 Committee said, “We‘re really pleased that the Cathedral and the town of Brechin are able to show support and appreciation of all the hard working NHS staff, carers and keyworkers working on our frontline.  It’s also fantastic that the community can commemorate this important year for the cathedral, its 800th year, with a symbol of light.  Light is a powerful symbol in the church and the lighting of the cathedral provides a suitably dramatic start to what will be a landmark year for the town.“

“The committee took the decision to postpone all of the Brechin 2020 events until 2021 due to the current coronavirus pandemic.  We would like to thank all the groups and individuals who have supported us so far. The committee will seek to develop and enhance the programme and are looking forward to rescheduling the celebrations in 2021.”