Arbroath Signal Tower Museum

Located near the Arbroath harbour, the Signal Tower Museum tells the story of the magnificent Bell Rock Lighthouse and its impact on Arbroath.

The exhibition also delves into the rich history of Arbroath's fishing and maritime industries.

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Brechin Town House Museum

Explore the town's history with a number of local exhibits, delving deep into Brechin's rich heritage.

The exhibitions represent Brechin through the ages, including the ancient Picts, the Jacobites and 20th century history. You can also come and see a fascinating 1820s model of this historic town.

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Inglis Memorial Hall Library Visitor Centre

This library's collection is a fascinating glimpse into a late Victorian library, reflecting what was considered of interest and importance in both fiction and non-fiction.

The loan records for the first half of the twentieth century also survived with the unique Cotgreave Indicator, showing what the public liked to borrow.

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Kirriemuir Gateway to the Glens Museum

Telling the story of Kirriemuir and the Angus Glens, the permanent exhibition includes rare archaeological finds from the area as well as a natural history display and a model of the town as it was in 1604.

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Meffan Museum and Art Gallery

Find yourself in a narrow and cobbled recreation of The Vennel, and take a peek inside the shops. 

Learn more about Forfar's witches and the collection of enigmatic Pictish stones.

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Montrose Museum

Telling the story of the town and its people, through maritime exhibitions, historical displays and ancient archaeological finds, Montrose Museum gives you a full taste of the burgh's cultural riches.

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Arbroath Art Gallery

Arbroath Art Gallery proudly displays artwork from the Angus collection, including two spectacular pieces by Peter Brueghel the Younger in the Corsar Gallery.

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