Request a Paid Search

Request a Paid Search

• Be as specific as possible about the person or subject you are looking for. Please avoid asking
us for 'anything you can find'.

• If you are looking for records of a person, please include their full name, place of birth, and
date of birth.

• If you are not looking for records of a person, please include a range of dates or years to
search within.

• Please describe any specific pieces of information you would like us to try to uncover.

Please note: research can be commissioned in blocks of 1 hour of staff research time, charges can be found on our website, and any resource fees incurred, e.g. paid-for access to research websites.


The information which you have given in this form will be used only by ANGUSalive for the following purposes:- to respond to your research request. All of the information that you give will be held securely by the trust and will be treated as confidential. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you are entitled to access the information held by the trust about you. Applications for such access should be made
the ANGUSalive data controller at