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ANGUSalive is constantly reviewing the information and guidance relating to the Scottish Government’s timetable for easing restrictions. We are hoping to start reopening some of our services, including sports centres and libraries, at some point from 26 April, 2021. 

Please look at the drop downs below relating to specific service areas and what is currently on offer and any updates regarding reopening plans. 

If you'd like to support us visit our Support Us page.

Our sports centres and community campuses are currently closed.

However, we are excited to share with our brand new ANGUSalive app.

By downloading our new app from the Google Play or Apple Store you will be able to workout with us via our Live Streaming classes or at a time that fits your home life with our On Demand workouts.

The Live Streaming and On Demand classes within the ANGUSalive app will be part of a trial period which has now been further extended to 31 April 2021

To find out more visit our ANGUSalive App page.


Outdoor spaces continue to be particularly important to all of us so please enjoy them responsibly following the current Coronavirus guidelines and Scottish Outdoor Access Code to help keep everyone safe and well.

Our country parks at Monikie, Crombie and Forfar Loch are open, including the public toilets. Glen Doll is open but the Ranger Centre is closed.  Car parking charges are in operation at Monikie, Crombie and Glen Doll. 

Travel restrictions should be observed at all times and the message is to Stay Local. Details can be found on the Scottish Government's website.

Closed until further notice

Closed until further notice.

In the meantime browse through our new digital library, Libby, where library members get access to some great titles through ebooks, emagazines and audiobooks. 

Closed until further notice

• The impact of the closure on charities - show your support

ANGUSalive is a charitable organisation and the majority of our income comes from members and customers. Every penny of profit we make is reinvested back into our services and activities for the local community and visitors to enjoy. Like many charitable trusts and businesses across the country, ANGUSalive has found the COVID-19 pandemic detrimental to our ability to operate and generate income.

Sadly, the coronavirus won’t be disappearing anytime soon and it will continue to present us with challenges in the weeks and months ahead.
We would like to thank members of the local community and customers who have made donations to us during this unprecedented time – please be assured, every donation big or small is helping future-proof our organisation.

If you wish to support us and help us through this exceptionally difficult time you can visit our Support Us page on our website.

  • What is happening with Sports memberships (bACTIVE)?

We are reopening our doors on 26 April 2021 and memberships which were put on hold from 26 December 2020 will resume from 26 April 2021. The amount paid to cover the month of December will be transferred to cover the remaining days in April. The first direct payment for your membership will be taken on 1st May and monthly thereafter.

  • What if I have an annual membership?

If you have an annual membership, the duration of closure will be added to the end of your yearly membership. There is nothing for you to do, we will handle this for you.

  • What if I paid the annual fee for the Angus Concession Scheme? 

If you have paid the annual fee for the Angus Concession Scheme, the duration of closure will be added to the end of your yearly membership. There is nothing for you to do, we will handle this for you.

  • What if I want to cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel your bACTIVE Membership you must give a minimum of one full calendar month's notice by email to Please refer to the bACTIVE Terms and Conditions

However we would love you to stay. You can choose to freeze your membership for a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months. Please email with the details.

  • What activities are available for members from home?

You can access our 'At home' page to see available activities. 

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