The Great Angus Museums & Archives Quiz

Date: 11 May - 15 May 2020

Do you know which Angus town is famous for its smokies and which produces brilliant bridies? Can you tell Arbroath’s Abbey from Brechin’s Cathedral? Have you heard of Montrose’s hero dog or Kirriemuir’s famous rockstar?

If so, then The Great Angus Museums and Archives Quiz is for you!

Join us online for five days of quizzing fun through our Facebook pages! Every day at 3pm we will be setting you a different quizzing challenge:

Monday - Picture Round: Where is this?

Tuesday-  Facebook Live: History Trivia

Wednesday - Look Online: Angus Parishes

Thursday -  Facebook Live: Amazing Angus Trivia

Friday – Picture Round: Objects and Artwork

Message us on the ANGUSalive Museums and Galleries or the Angus Archives Facebook pages with the answers and find out how good your local knowledge really is.

There will be a time bonus for the first person to send in all the answers correctly, so speed and accuracy are key! The person with the most points at the end of the week will get a special prize  - a copy of ‘Angus In Old Photographs’, various museum goodies, plus the prestige of being the first ever Great Angus Museums and Archives Quiz overall winner!

This quiz is free and open to all.