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Date: January 2021
Live Streaming and On Demand
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Let the ANGUSalive app light up your living room with our amazing group fitness instructors bringing live streamed classes to you! Workout with us live or at a time that fits your home life with our On Demand workouts.

The Live Streaming and On Demand classes within the ANGUSalive app will be part of a trial period to at least the end of February 2021. It’s important to highlight that this service will be an ‘add-on’ to our existing membership offerings, once the trial period is over members will need to add it to their membership with us to access this.

We’ll share more details on this once confirmed and we hope that members will enjoy using this service and providing us with valuable feedback as part of the trial period.

Live Streaming 

As a bACTIVE member, you will now be able to take part in our Live Stream classes with your favourite instructors doing workouts such as Body Combat, Gentle Aerobics, PIYO, High Intensity Interval Training and Indoor Group Cycling to name just a few. The full timetable of activities can be found in the Live Streaming section of the app.

On Demand

There are a selection of workouts loaded and ready to go in the 'On Demand' section already, including Core Stability, Bums and Tums or a HIIT Workout, which are currently free of charge to all users and some of our live stream workouts will also be made available here.

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ANGUSalive App