Membership Review – FAQs

01 Jan 2021 | News Story

Why are you changing your membership categories?

As a charitable trust for leisure, sport and culture in Angus, we regularly review our memberships to ensure we remain competitive, our offering is fit for purpose and offers the best value to the local community.

The new membership categories will see the amount of memberships on offer decrease, making it simpler for people to join and will also help improve the online experience for members and new joiners.

It’s important to highlight as a charity every penny of profit we make is reinvested back into our venues, services and activities for the local community to enjoy. This means your support through memberships is going straight back in to improve our venues and services.

Without the support of the local community, including our valued members, we wouldn’t be able to provide and improve our wide range of services and programmes to help the people of Angus live healthy, active and creative lives.

Why have some memberships increased in price while others have decreased?

The review includes collaboration with other trusts who have carried out similar reviews, assessment of sportscotland data, competitor, data and trend analysis. The changes have been made in line with other trusts and the marketplace overall.

Changes for existing members see many enjoying a decrease in their monthly payments. For instance the bACTIVE adult monthly membership has reduced by £7 per month and is now £30 and the bACTIVE adult annual membership is now £330 a year – a reduction of £77 a year.

Where there is an increase, we still feel it offers good value and is in line with other similar offerings. Price change comparisons are based on memberships prices pre-lockdown.  

Over 60s membership

As part of this review we have decided to remove the availability of the 60+ membership type for new members. However, existing members who wish to remain on this membership can continue. These members will see an increase of £1.50 per month (comparison based on memberships pre-lockdown) which is in line with the new off-peak membership we have introduced which is £24.00 per month.


As part of this review concessionary members will see an increase of £1.50 per month on their memberships to £24 per month (comparison based on memberships pre-lockdown). To be eligible for this membership you must be either a full-time student, workplace apprenticeship or on the following benefit types:

  • Income related Job seekers allowance
  • Income related employment support allowance
  • Income support
  • Universal credit
  • Working tax credit
  • Housing benefit
  • Pension credit (guaranteed credit only)

Junior memberships

bACTIVE junior monthly direct debit members and bACTIVE junior monthly add-ons will see an increase of £1.50 and £1 per month respectively (comparison based on memberships pre-lockdown).

Changes to corporate membership categories

As part of our membership review we have taken the decision to move away from offering corporate membership rates.

This will help us create a fairer membership structure for people living and working in Angus.

Employees of organisations benefiting from the previous corporate discount will see their annual and monthly direct debit memberships decrease around £3.30 per month (comparison based on memberships pre-lockdown) under the new membership offering.

Whilst monthly corporate membership ‘add-ons’ will see increases ranging from 60p to maximum of £2 per month (comparison based on memberships pre-lockdown). Where there is an increase, we feel the they still provide good value for money.

What new memberships are on offer?

  • Off peak membership:

Can be used between 7am and 4pm Mon – Fri and all weekend. Outside of these times members can pay as they go. An ‘Off Peak Add On’ can be added to this membership type.

  • Joint memberships/ add-ons

Previous memberships with ‘add-ons’ had to be someone from the same address. We have now introduced the ability to have ‘add-ons’ with adults from different addresses. So people can join with a friend or family member not living at the same address.

New membership structure:


Payment Options (2021)

Membership Category

Annual up-front

Monthly - 1 year

Monthly - rolling


Add-On Annual

Add-On Monthly