Walk Grading

It is important that you acknowledge your own level of fitness before you book a walk.

Whilst walks are led by experienced Mountain Leaders, it is imperative that you choose a walk that suits your level of fitness. This is for the enjoyment of everyone including you.

In order to help you establish what type of walk is most suitable to you, more information on the walk gradings are below. Full walk information can be found on the programme page.


Taken at an easy pace there may be height gain and descent but generally these will be either long and gradual or short and steep. The ground under foot could be rough but not difficult.


Can include a whole day of walking and could be on rough ground with no path, there can be long prolonged steep sections both up and down.

Very strenuous

As the grading suggests this will be a strenuous day out in the hills. There will be a considerable amount of ascent which will be prolonged and could be steep.

Extremely strenuous

This is the highest walk grading in the festival and requires a very high level of fitness and previous and recent hill walking experience. The pace will be brisk and walkers will need to keep going throughout the day to complete the route in the allotted time. The walk could be off track, have steep and prolonged climbs.

Remember walking is generally safe and all walks are accompanied. If you have any doubts about your health or fitness level, speak to a medical practitioner first. Please note that you will be required to provide a general fitness statement and emergency contact details. More information can be found on the important information page.